U.S. regulators' proposed methods for identifying drones sparked discussion

U.S. regulators’ proposed methods for identifying drones sparked discussion

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s published rules for the commercial operation of unmanned aerial vehicles are not to the liking of all the participants in the market of such services. Alphabet Holding expressed concern about the authorities’ new technical capabilities to fully track the movements of aircraft.

Recall that the new rules eliminate the need to launch drones in the coverage area of wireless networks, but introduce the requirement to transmit information about the unique identifier of the aircraft with a radio channel. It can be used to track the trajectory of the entire flight, as well as the frequency of movement of the drone along certain routes. According to Alphabet holding company, as noted by Reuters, such conditions create the ground for abuse of data on the privacy of Americans, as operators will know how often and on what routes drones serve their orders.

Alphabet has a division called Wing that operates drones. According to the company, existing technology for tracking drones via the Internet allows only a portion of the trajectory to be seen while still identifying the aircraft, and it is much safer from a customer tracking standpoint. Under the new rules, the manufacturers have more than a year and a half to equip their drones with the means for retransmitting the Remote ID via radio, and the operators have another year after that to upgrade the fleet. There are also allowances: drones are allowed to fly over crowded places, as well as at night, subject to the presence of signal lights.

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