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Top 10 Best DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone Accessories

The DJI Mavic Air 2 is one amongst the most effective feature-packed drones DJI has released thus far, with its 48MP photos, 4k 60fps video, and HDR but it are often made even better with some accessories that may improve your flights and therefore the quality initiating of the camera. Following are the top 10 best accessories.

Mavic Air 2 ND Filters

An accessory that’s not always required but could be a must when flying in bright conditions should be ND filters. They are utilized to stop varying amounts of sunshine into the sensor to make sure you don’t overexpose your shot when allowing you to decide on the optimal settings within the camera. If you like to film better footage together with your Mavic Air 2, ND filters are something you are going to want. Having different strengths, ND filters support what proportion of light you’ve got during your shoot will determine which filters you are going to use. The kit comes with the ND16, 64, and 256 filters.

Drone Landing Pad

The accessory one must look for when buying a drone is a landing pad. It’s immensely useful to possess one among these when taking the Mavic Air 2 off within the grass, on the beach, and even in a field. It prevents blades of grass & sand from interrupting the drone, and it helps with the precise landing system in certain cases. By having it, one should be worried that the drone gets dirty or filled with hairs that are present in the air sometimes.

Mavic Air 2 Landing Arm Extenders

The DJI arm extender gear snaps onto the present legs of the DJI arms to feature 2 inches of clearance below the quad. It has been designed to be easily snapped on and off, lightweight & durable. The front face is flush with the DJI arm and tapers off at the underside. They come in a set of four pieces – two inverted & two normal to make all facing forward/backward.

Spare Batteries for Mavic Air 2

When we talked about flying and shooting, extra batteries are essential. One will have all of the gear he/she would like, but when it involves actually using the drone; he/she is not going very far without some extra batteries! Mavic Air 2 contains a good long flight time of 32 minutes (somehow between 23-25 minutes) but it is never sufficient once someone gets out and flying! Additional batteries are a must requirement.

Fast SD Cards for your drone

Like batteries, one is not ready to shoot if he/she does not have storage. The card having a small amount of memory as 8GB of onboard storage could be a nice lifesaver if one forgets his Micro SD cards, but even that will run out very quickly when filming 4K 60FPS with the Mavic Air 2! So, it is suggested that a minimum of 64GB card should be there so that people can enjoy their memories and don’t spoil their moods. Moreover, some experts suggest to have 128GB cards since they aren’t that far more, and SD cards are one in each of those belongings one can keep even once they upgrade their drones or cameras later.

Spare Propellers for Mavic Air 2

Talking about the propellers, these are the most sensitive parts of the mini machine which you are having as they can break easily. So, it is a must thing to have when somebody is out with the drone for shooting. So, if you are planning to take your drone Air 2 drone out then, keep in mind to have an extra set of propellers with you just like as you have a spare tire in your car in case they got broken so you can continue the enjoyment. Plus, it costs only a few ($) dollars, making it a no-brainer deal! Always remember to order them with the drone so that you can save on the shipping fees.

Mavic Air 2 Drone Propeller Guards

If you’re flying a new drone & need to own an additional layer of safety to safeguard other objects and propellers from damage, the propeller guards will simplify your entire flying experience. They feature a quick-installation design that creates it easy to connect and detach the propellers from Mavic Air 2. An extra set of propellers are available in handy once you are traveling or shooting on the go. Moreover, you should also have Mavic Air 2 low-noise propellers with you as they have undergone extensive flight tests, delivering less flight noise and lower power consumption. By doing this you’ll continue capturing the proper shot without disturbing any people or wildlife within the shot.

Carrying Bags for your Mavic Air 2

A lot of Pilots bring their drones everywhere they’re going in order that they never miss an opportunity to fly. If you’re one among them, you may have identical concerns- e.g., bumps, scratches, and scrapes during transportation. Want to create sure your drone stays safe? Then an especially designed backpack is your perfect solution. DJI’s rucksack can securely carry the drone and its accessories; some can even hold a laptop, all designed for efficiency, reliability, practicality, durability, and luxury.

Car Charger

With all of these batteries, you are going to want to charge them now! If you’re out and shooting, you most likely won’t have an approach to a wall outlet to charge your batteries. So, having a car charger (this also works with the hub as well!) is extremely handy because it’s something that professionals are always buying and using to charge their batteries in between shoots, just to create sure they’re always charged and prepared to fly!

Remote Controller Monitor

Sunlight isn’t your friend after you want to possess a transparent view of the screen. But you’ll be able to easily enjoy atmospheric conditions and fly at the identical time by getting a monitor hood. It’ll shield your tablet/smartphone from straight sunlight to grant you a transparent view of the display. Moreover, it’s collapsible and straightforward to hold.

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