Freewell Mavic filters one of the best on the market today

Freewell produceŃ‹ some really good quality filters. This one is chromatic. This is a similar polarizing filters for what you’re drawing now you definitely need ND filters that sweet motion blur cinematic version. You definitely need that this video we’re going to talk about these filters.

Freewell have released their filters for the Mavic air to which this one is the pack.

And I also got the awesome nd 1000 filter. Awesome smooth motion blur, that also thanks to master media for collaborating with me on this one being okay in front of the camera, rather than behind the camera. Sometimes it’s really hard to find someone to help shoot videos with or model.

Let’s get into what these filters are actually all about each of the freewell 4k series optics are handcrafted precisely compatible to be used with the Mavic air drone that waterproof, dustproof scratch proof waterproof and have a nice neutral coating on the top, which makes it really good quality for the ND64 on appeal means polarizing filter.

Now on each of the boxes, the filter kits come, obviously with a robust magnetic filter case which
is just satisfying sound. It is a really quality case, that is a great thing about these filters, is that you are able to store them. It’s nice and compact, if you are pretty much definitely sure that you know can be recognizable losing the filters to this. It also comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth. A couple of free will stickers and like a little instruction thing. And the nd1000 is sold, pretty much the exact same box, it is just by itself though comes with that five microfiber cloth, stickers, blah blah blah. It is great.

Now the nd1000 filter is mainly used to cut back, a ton of light, to be able to get nice slow shutter speed and get some water flow, really really really long shutter speeds, with motion blur any sort of moving subject and exclusion level and creatively.

This is the filter that you need to have. And it’s really cool if you are into drone photography, not so much for the video side. Also, photos, but from my testing before and after it doesn’t seem to have any color costing, which is great. Now the way you go to do this is put your white balance on a set temperature, and then you’re able to put the filters on and off. You can see there’s pretty much no color difference. These filters are great 429 us this is affordable. It is definitely worth it. Yo, because you want to get that nice. No, we got

Freewell ND filters for DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone (8Pack)

This set consist of ND4, ND8, ND16, CPL, ND8/PL,ND16/PL,ND32/PL,ND64/PL. It has also storage protection. Filters are lightweight and are Gimball Safe.

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