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DJI FPV sports drone unveiled, priced at $1299, which lets you see first-person flight

As expected, DJI has unveiled its first self-contained FPV sports drone, allowing you to experience first-person flight with minimal lag and make great videos in the process. Priced at $1299, the FPV Goggles V2 helmet and traditional controller included, an innovative motion controller, a new communications standard, 4K/60p video support – all this and more the new solution offers.

The mechanical stabiliser only works on one tilt axis (as opposed to three in most DJI drones), but with an ultra-wide 150° viewing angle, distortion correction and the advanced RockSteady electronic stabiliser, a smooth video image is achieved even on steep turns.

Another important innovation is the improved standard for streaming video from the drone to the DJI O3 helmet (OcuSync 3.0). It allows streaming in HD 810p with bitrates of up to 50Mbps at 120fps and delays below 28ms (the helmet has its own memory card slot to record the incoming signal). At the same time, communication is still supported up to a maximum distance of 10 km in FCC mode (in Russia only CE mode is available – up to 6 km). The high-sensitivity antennas have three transmitters and four receivers for signal amplification, providing a more stable and reliable video transmission.

Importantly, the camera on the stabiliser, the chassis and the top cover are all parts of DJI FPV’s modular design. They are easily replaceable, making them easy to repair (an important feature for a sports drone). The DJI FPV drone weighing 795 grams can fly for up to 20 minutes (hovering in one place for up to 16 minutes). It can reach a top speed of an impressive 140km/h (39m/s) in M mode. At the same time, the unit is capable of accelerating to 100 km/h in just 2 seconds in ideal conditions. The maximum wind speed during flight can reach up to 13.5 m/s.

A slightly less extreme S mode is provided, combining the freedom to fly in manual mode with the simplified control of other DJI drones. It makes it easier and safer to create dynamic first-person videos. There’s also an N mode, where you can control the drone in a familiar format – special safety features like obstacle detection (it’s available at the front and bottom) work here. Here, however, the maximum speed is already reduced to 15m/s.

Separate mention should be made of DJI’s FPV motion controller which is not included in the package but can be purchased separately for $199. This compact device allows the drone to be controlled using natural hand movements. According to DJI, it’s a whole new way to fly. Both the conventional controller and the motion controller have an emergency brake button, which, when pressed, will cause the drone, while in any mode and moving at any speed, to stop and hover for a few seconds. Other features include an auxiliary light underneath, smart return home, return home when the battery is low.

DJI FPV also has built-in Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS-B). The system receives information on the location of manned drones in the vicinity and sends an alert to the V2 goggles, enabling it to avoid collisions with other drones. In addition to the motion controller and the drone itself, the company has introduced a traditional Fly More kit: for an additional $299 the buyer gets two extra batteries and a three-battery charger.

FPV-type sports drones typically don’t come with a GPS receiver, such an advanced communications system, suspension in any form, auto homing features, emergency hover and hybrid flight modes. Those interested can watch one of the first reviews of the drone:

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