dji mavic air 2 CPL filter

CPL filter for DJI mavic air 2 with sample photos

CPL filter (polarizing filter) – a device that is screwed onto the lens of the DVR and allows you to remove some of the reflected light on the generated image. (take the same image, but without the inscription on a blue background!)

You’ve probably already heard about the filters that are used during filming. But what it is, what it’s for, and how it works usually confuses users, especially when you consider their diversity. And today they are so common that they are used on almost any cameras and even on drones, and it is about these “magic glasses” for quadrocopters that we will talk today. Basically, neutral (ND), polarizing (CPL) and neutral-polarizing (ND/PL) filters are used for drones

However, even with high-quality filters, it is worth remembering one simple rule: the stabilizer should be turned off during the installation of filters, because it can be damaged.

dji mavic air 2 cpl filters

A polarizing filter (CPL, circular polarized) is a type of light filter that “orders” chaotic fluctuations of light waves.

This means that the filter passes some waves, and blocks others of your choice.

Why are they needed? First, there is control over glare — that is, you can remove all unwanted reflections of your choice, or remove glass and transparent surfaces, water surface, bottom and more!

Secondly, for example, to give a deep shade to the sky in sunny weather, add sharpness, color, and detail to the image, but without changing everything else in the frame.

DJI Mavic Air 2 sample photos with CPL filter

dji mavic air 2 cpl filter photo sample

dji mavic air 2 cpl filter photo sample

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